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Lowell Announces Enhanced Sustainability Program “Warintza Sustainable 2022”

February 03, 2022 – Quito, Ecuador – Lowell Mineral Exploration Ecuador S.A. (“Lowell” or the “Company”), a subsidiary of Solaris Resources Inc. (“Solaris”), is pleased to report that the Company has enhanced its 2022 Sustainability Program, called “Warintza Sustainable 2022”, by increasing initiatives and improving transparency and accountability of the Company’s environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) practices, developed from its participatory mining model over the past two years of initial exploration activities at the Warintza Project, located in Morona Santiago province in southeastern Ecuador.

A key deliverable of “Warintza Sustainable 2022” will be the Company’s first Sustainability Report, marking a significant milestone in formalizing and communicating the Company’s ESG efforts, providing greater transparency to the positive impacts Lowell is generating for local communities and stakeholders.

Lowell’s ESG program is instrumentalized through its commitment to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) of the 2030 United Nations Agenda, of which the Company is a member through Global Compact - Ecuador (see press release dated February 17, 2021).

Federico Velásquez, Vice President of Operations for Solaris commented, “We have expanded our ESG programs and disclosures to incorporate a number of international frameworks which will be highlighted within our inaugural Sustainability Report to be released later this year. Lowell is commited to a sustainable approach to mining exploration, acting ethically and with integrity in all its areas of operation, as an integral part of our corporate culture. All of Lowell’s activities are guided by leading socioenvironmental and governance practices, contributing to the development of our operations on the concessions we’ve been granted by the Ecuadorian State. ”

Lowell’s ESG strategy is focused on three guiding principals and pillars for continuous growth:

  • Environmental stewardship: Innovate in all areas of operations related to mining exploration to reduce environmental impact
  • Co-development: Engage with and exchange knowledge between all stakeholders and partners for sustainable growth
  • Good governance: Promote good governance to improve socioeconomic well-being and wealth distribution in mining areas

A key aspect of Lowell’s ESG strategy is its participatory mining model for the Warintza Project, based on transparency, participation, and continuous consultation with the communities, instrumentalized through the Strategic Alliance between Lowell and the Shuar communities, Warints and Yawi, and their Board.

The Company’s management approach and the positive relationship developed with the communities in the direct area of influence, illustrate a proven collaborative pathway for development, as well as the Company’s commitment to contribute to direct lines of action, including fair employment, responsible artisanal mining practices, health and collective well-being, and investment in community infrastructure.

Lowell is commited to contributing to the United Nations SDGs and has developed its strategy for sustainable development through the implementation of five development programs: Warintza Deporte (Sports), Warintza Educa (Education), Warintza Emprende (Entrepreneurship), Warintza Mujeres (Gender Equity), and Warintza Verde (Environmental Stewardship).

Lowell believes in strengthening the capacity of partnerships between the Company, governments, private industry and civil society for mutually beneficial and sustainable development, and “Warintza Sustainable 2022” is uniquely positioned to catalyze social, economic and environmental development opportunities.

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About Lowell Mineral Exploration Ecuador S.A.

Lowell Mineral Exploration Ecuador S.A., an indirect subsidiary of Solaris, promotes the development of strategic alliances with key stakeholders in Ecuador to pave the way for best sustainable practices in responsible exploration

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Solaris is advancing a portfolio of copper and gold assets in the Americas, which includes: a high-grade resource with expansion and additional discovery potential at the Warintza copper and gold project in Ecuador; discovery potential at the Tamarugo project in Chile and Capricho and Paco Orco projects in Peru; exposure to US$130 million spending /5 years through a farm-out agreement with Freeport-McMoRan on the Ricardo Project in Chile; and significant leverage to increasing copper prices through its 60% interest in the La Verde joint venture project with Teck Resources in Mexico. For more information, visit www.solarisresources.com.

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